About Us

I set up my own metal working business 2009, focusing on outstanding quality and great customer service.

wolfy_austrometalAustrometal was set up by Wolfgang Eibl.

Born in Linz, Austria, Wolfgang has been a large part of his career working in the metal fabrication and welding industries.

Having come to live and work in the UK Wolfgang now lives in West Kirby, Wirral. Wolfgang has worked in a wide variety of metalworking jobs, from helping out in a foundry casting lead cast iron, bronze, to making porter cabins in Cammell Lairds in Birkenhead.




We are currently training up the next generation of metal workers! Our apprentice Ben Holland works alongside Wolfy.

Ben Holland

My name is Ben Holland, I am the apprentice at Austro Metal. I am currently serving my two year apprenticeship in the company, I attend the Mersey maritime College at Cammel Lairds. I am training to be a welder and fabricator, also I participate in blacksmithing at work. One of the reasons I really enjoy my job is because there is not a day that we make the same piece, everyday is different. I also enjoy onsite fabrication because you never know what you will be doing and there is a different challenge on every job. The things I find most enjoyable in work is TIG welding and stainless fabrication. The most exciting part of work is onsite marine fabrication as it is completely different from the usual fabrication game.


Bespoke Products

We have various products that have been made to order or that have been designed and crafted by Austrometal. We work on large projects, however we’re happy to help and no work is too small so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Products here (left to right) include shelving systems, lighting (chandeliers), mirrors, planters, and seating.

Products and Services

We work for a variety of clients and produce a broad range of products. Examples include:-

  • Fixtures/Fittings
  • Staircases
  • Security Grills and Barriers
  • Chairs, Tables etc
  • Garden Furniture, Garden Ornaments
  • Water Features/Fountain

Other Products

Gates, Fencing, Railings, Access Ramps and Handrails, Mobile Fabrication and Welding (On-site construction and repairs , Disability Access, Balconies/Handrails etc.

Disability Access, Staircase etc.

Arts + Craft
Sculpture, Bespoke Artwork, Planters, Vases, Candle Holders, Brackets, Decorative Items Lighting, Chairs, Tables, Garden Furniture, Garden Ornaments, Water Features/Fountains Outdoor Chairs, Tables, Lighting, Garden Furniture, Garden Ornaments, Water Features/Fountains Indoor Chairs, Tables, Lighting, Garden Furniture, Garden Ornaments, Water Features/Fountains etc.

Suppliers and Customers

www.birkenheadpowdercoatings.co.uk / www.advancedsteel.co.uk / www.cameuk.com / www.mjlavinplant.com / www.merseyequipment.com / www.roften.com /
www.innospecinc.com / www.j3electrical.com / www.mjcooperbuilders.co.uk /
www.blackmacadam.co.uk / www.fhbrundle.co.uk / www.tuffxprocessedglass.co.uk / www.hilti.co.uk
www.liverpool-landscapes.co.uk / www.signetlocks.co.uk / www.lecky.co.uk / www.merseymetals.co.uk